Asiye Green | Monetising Renewable Energy | Johannesburg - South Africa 20 May 2019
Unit 57, 12-8 Incubation Drive
Riverside View Ext 15, Fourways
8am - 5pm
Monday - Friday
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Asiye Green has the capacity and expertise to develop; finance; install and operate solar systems (up to large scale solar farms)
and energy efficiency projects for industrial, commercial and residential clients. In addition the company’s product business
includes LEDs for hazardous locations, industrial and commercial clients, and a bulk water heating system. Asiye Green has the
resources, passion and prides itself on tailor-made solutions for clients’ unique requirements. The company has implemented an
end-to-end; multi-channeled view to renewable energy resources and the range of strategic alliances ensures that
Asiye Green has a competitive edge.

Asiye Green’s delivery model is rooted in the efficient utilisation of energy to combat the adverse effects
of greenhouse gas emissions. The services of this Level 1 BBBEE energy company is split across two
broad categories:
Power Generation (solar and biomass) and Energy Efficiency